She Sues The Casino For Slipping In The Toilet

A player sued the Lac-Leamy casino after a fall she had in the toilets of the establishment. It was a puddle of water that was the cause of this accident. She therefore took the casino to court for lack of vigilance, because there was an unrepaired leak in the toilet next door. She further claimed damages from the establishment.

A Fatal Fall According To Robin Anne Heaton

For ten years Robin Anne Heaton has been a farmer. She also plays in the Lac-Leamy casino. On December 18, 2012, she decided to go. She then went to the bathroom. While there, she suffered a fall that was caused by the presence of a puddle. According to her, this water came from a leak from the toilet next to the one where it was.

During her fall, she fell on the toilet before ending up directly on the floor. At this point, she was not yet aware of the severity of her fall. But shortly after leaving she felt pain in her lower back. To be able to get up, she had to get help from another person.

Anne Heaton then warned officials. Then she went back to the game. However, it is with great pain that she continues. Later, after a few days, the player still had not recovered from this slip. She then decided to go see a doctor in a hospital on January 3, 2013.

A Fracture Of The Coccyx As A Consequence

After being auscultated and after going through x-rays detected a fracture in addition to a displacement of the coccyx. Still later, she decides to go see another doctor. This one detects a coccygodynia. According to Ronbin Anne Heaton, this fall caused him real prejudices, especially in his daily life and in his activities to be able to live.

She stressed that she is now very limited in her activities on the farm, because the pains are still so persistent. Since then, she has been talking about a loss of income of $ 20,000. This sum concerns, among other things, his dog breeding, which was considerably slowed down in the years following his fall at the Leamy casino. The 45-year-old woman thus decided to file a complaint. She is also asking for compensation in the amount of $ 1.6 million .

Loto-Quebec did not wish to go on forever on this affair. However, the director of communication and press relations wanted to express his sensitivity about this unfortunate incident. He only indicated that the case had been transferred to the insurer of the Quebec casino company from the formal notice. He won’t give more comments, he said, because he will let the legal process take its course. No comments will be made before. The company wishes to respect, according to him, this judicial process.

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